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Operator precedence determines the order in which the components of a query expression text 121 chat evaluated. Text query operators can be divided into two sets of operators that have their own order of evaluation. These two groups are described later as Group 1 and Group 2.

Specify the operand for the translation term operator. If an integer scoring is required, then the score will always be rounded up after the score is calculated.

This query asks for all documents that contain the phrase stock crash within twenty words of Japan or Korea. Tedt Text normalizes the word or phrase before performing lookup in the index. If ctxfiltercache is used with text 121 chat query template, then the following type of error will occur:. Returns documents that contain term1 or term2.

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Notes The query filter cache is an index level storage preference. SDATA sections speed up mixed querying and ordering. These include: soundex fuzzy wildcards stem. The order parameter provides a primary filter for matching candidate documents. For example, to find all documents that contain the terms tigerlionand cheetah where the terms lion and text 121 chat are within 10 words of each other, enter the following query:. Queries for the word dog char, and returns all documents with the word dog.

Only documents with positive score are returned.

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An NDATA query on an indexed surname section name that matches terms in the query phrase in-order and in which similarity scores are influenced by the proximity of the black and smith terms has the form:. Use a between 1 and In addition, documents in the result set are weighted according to text 121 chat similarity to government.

False matches might also occur text 121 chat the document has empty elements but has values in attributes, as in the following example document:.

Text 121 chat

The NOT operator does not affect the scoring produced by the other logical operators. The NDATA syntax enables you to rank the result set so that documents that contain words with high orthographic similarity are scored higher than documents chqt lower similarity. Text 121 chat query terms must occur; lower score taken.

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No document scores in the second range, because any document with Brazil in it will be considered to match at least three query terms. Oracle Text Application Developer's Guide for information about section searching. Tags and attributes here are not allowed. To obtain all the documents that text 121 chat the terms blue and black and redenter the following query:.

Replaces the specified word in a query chzt the preferred term for term.

For example, if you specify BTG dogthe expansion includes only those terms that are defined as broader term generic for dog. A document can have only one top-level tag, so this expression never finds any documents. Expands a query to include all the lower level terms defined in the thesaurus text 121 chat narrower generic terms for term.

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Syntax Syntax Description term1 term2 tfxt or term2 Returns documents that contain term1 or term2. Then this document text 121 chat hit on the regular query good menignoring the intervening attribute text.

Text 121 chat

NTI term [ qualifier ][, level ][, thes ] Expands a query to cat all the lower level terms defined in text 121 chat thesaurus as narrower instance terms for term. The string literal and date string are enclosed within single or double quote characters.

Text 121 chat

When you use highlighting and your query contains the vhat operator, all occurrences text 121 chat all terms in the query that satisfy the proximity requirements are highlighted. The behavior described in the third bullet is different from the behavior of NOTwhich does not return this type of document.

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Oracle Text returns an error if you specify a greater than That is, the query 'near a;d ,f ,3 ' text 121 chat a syntax error. Returns documents where term appears in a top-level A element which has a B element as a direct. For example: A document with only term1 texf be returned, with score unchanged.

Text 121 chat

Yext find all documents that contain the terms dog and cat within the same section Headingswrite the query as follows:. Assume you have an XML document as follows:. In the first example, because AND has a text 121 chat precedence than ORthe query returns all documents that contain w1 and all documents that contain both w2 and w3. If chqt specify a thesaurus name, then you text 121 chat also specify level as in:.

A document with term1 term1 term2 will be returned, but the score will be calculated using just the first term1 hit.

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For example, the following query expression finds all terms beginning with the pattern scal :. You can also limit the of expanded terms.

The query filter cache does not differentiate queries that text 121 chat vary in how the score is computed. Use the synonym operator SYN to expand a query to include all the terms that have been defined in a thesaurus as synonyms for the specified term.

Text 121 chat

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