Mindless behavior chat room


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Glossary of Terms Conflict of Interest:. Mindless behavior chat.

First, check out the chat room's schedule of events. Where can I get the recipe for the luncheon meat?

Mindless behavior chat room

We don't want to become a close vote posse. If you find the typing, copying, and remembering a bit too much you can use the cv-pls userscript.

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Why do we need room owners? Any resources to help? Please make these requests only when absolutely necessary.

Mindless behavior chat room

Note that for suggested mindless behavior chat room of posts, if you have full edit privileges i. If there's some short piece of information that reduces the amount of time others have to spend, or that indicates the request is easy to evaluate, including that information cbat it much more likely for other people to handle your request. Don't moderate users:.

You can ignore the invitations.

Mindless behavior - mindless behavior - mrs. right ft. diggy simmons - text

You can find the code base here. While we do not expect every user to know all discussions on Meta, we also do not chqt willful involvement of the room to try and resolve what should be resolved through discussions on Meta. There are some guidelines in the next section for what should be in a request mindless behavior chat room.

Mindless behavior chat room

Discussions about whether or not borderline answers warrant flags are allowed, as long as you are actually interested in a discussion and you aren't trying to coerce users into flagging. Disclosure of your involvement is required when initiating the discussion. An RO will investigate suspected user targeting.

The most common thing people do which runs contrary to this rule is to go through a user's profile s looking for posts to moderate. Please follow mindless behavior chat room format in How and why do I need to format my cv-pls and other requests?

Songtext von mindless behavior feat. diggy - mrs. right lyrics

Multiple people raising these flags on a single post does not process the post faster, so requesting the room to add additional flags only creates noise. Smokey aka Smoke Detector SmokeDetector is a headless chatbot that detects spam or offensive content, then posts links mindless behavior chat room it to chatrooms for review.

Thus, what's considered acceptable is conservative. Concentrating attention on a question in the context of whether or not to close a question, severely biases attention toward closing the question.

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You should mindless behavior chat room invite people into the room to discuss the moderation activity of the post. As such, the process of having cv-pls requests in SOCVR can't work unless people VtC on about twice as many cv-pls from other people than they post themselves, which means reviewing more than that of questions, on average, as you won't necessarily VtC each question you review.

What sort of behavior is expected? If you feel we misjudged a gem, closed for the wrong reason, or blindly followed advice from our peers, feel free roo ask for mindless behavior chat room explanation.

Mindless behavior - chatzy

Based on your feedback, we'll learn, improve your question and help in bbehavior it re-opened by casting re-open votes if it qualifies for that. If you can't wait until a weekly event, or want to help out more often, we do a smaller review session each day. If mindless behavior chat room question is closed following a cv-pls that was posted in the room you can hop into the room for cnat explanation. As a result, this means mindless behavior chat room if you are routinely spending all 50 of your daily close-votes on questions which have been cv-pls ed your own and othersthen, on averageyou should not post more than roughly 15 cv-pls requests per day e.

Plans, organizes, and runs periodic room meeting. If it can be improved behabior how.

To prevent oneboxing, include any visible text in your message in addition to the URL. Please be careful with these requests by the time you say "spam", it's an accusation.

Mindless behavior chat room

If creating a room is too much effort to your liking you can use the The Ministry of Silly Hats that was a spin-off by some regulars for the earlier mentioned reasons. Menu Home. It is suggested that you space out your requests over time. Do not request action on posts or edits where mindless behavior chat room are involved or where you have a conflict of interest. Expect the following policy to be followed to avoid any unnecessary drama:.

The room owners mindless behavior chat room a script on a regular basis to cleanup the room transcript. In the extreme cases we can insta-close any question, and this gives us moderator-like powers with very little external oversight. Schedules and starts "Close Vote Queue" events. In all cases be nice and helpful.

Mrs. right testo

Expectations for Room Owners. The Graveyard is meant to be only an archive of handled requests. Don't post such messages. To stop mindless behavior chat room from turning into a chaotic voting ring, we have set up rules and guidelines for members to follow. Behavjor that from now on, only the author of the cv-pls is going to discuss.

Mrs. right testo mindless behavior

Room owners are here to slow down the enthusiastic crowd and to make sure we focus on posts and their quality and not on users. Posting multiple moderation requests for questions which a specific user has answered.

Can I invite users here? Stay nice and mindless behavior chat room when on a post:. Reels in conversation if it gets out of hand. This means that after an RO or moderator has entered either of the above rooms, they will receive an additional such invitation roomm next time one of their messages is moved by another RO or moderator into the room they entered.

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