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Adults Only: "[s]ites that are labeled by the author or publisher as being strictly for adults"; Alcohol: "[s]ites that advocate or promote the recreational use of alcoholic beverages. This category can include, but is not limited to, sites that contain information about drink mixes, home-brew recipes, and drinking games"; Auctions: "[s]ites that offer access to online auctions.

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Sites offering information on sex and sexuality, with no pornographic intent. May include some explicit pictures or illustrations intended for instructional purposes only. Sites whose primary function is to provide freeware software downlo.

Free personals online dating chat mil

Sites that promote or advocate recreational use of prescription drugs are also included. Special Events Sites devoted to a current event that requires separate categorization owing to objectionable content, bandwidth demand, or potential effect on productivity.

Free personals online dating chat mil

This category does not [SurfControl's emphasis] include material about the use of illegal drugs when they are legally prescribed for medicinal purposes e. Sites providing information on sexual assault, including support sites for victims of rape, child molestation, and sexual abuse. Includes sexual technique, sexual orientation, cross-dressing, transvestites, transgenders, multiple-partner relationships, and other related issues"; Violence: "[s]ites that depict or advocate violence, including sites promoting violent terrorist acts against others that do not fall under the 'Intolerance' category"; Weapons: "[s]ites that display, sell, or advocate pdrsonals use of weapons, including guns, knives, free personals online dating chat mil martial-arts weaponry.

Health Sites that provide information or advice on personal personalz or medical services, health insurance, procedures, or devices, but not drugs 5. Includes clinical names for reproductive organs. Users often abuse these services by posting offensive content under multiple user names, making them difficult to track. This does not include electronic forms of mainstream magazines and newspapers"; Art and Culture: "virtual free personals online dating chat mil galleries and other cultural topics, such as museums and country customs, and so on"; Chat: "Web-based via HTTP, not IRC chat groups pertaining to all sorts of subjects"; Criminal Skills: sites that provide "either instructions or identification of methods to promote, encourage, or provide the skills to commit illegal, personwls activities.

Common elements may include. This helps to eliminate links to offensive Web sites from appearing in search as well as offensive Web site descriptions"; Sex: "[d]escriptions or depictions of sexual acts, specifically those with the intent to arouse.

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Sites combining heterosexual and gay personals on same site are included here. Team or individual activities, indoor or outdoor, with a physical component. Topics include groups that advocate violence as a means to achieve their goals. Includes such depictions as maiming, bloody figures, onlne photos or indecent depiction of bodily functions"; Intolerance: "[p]ictures or text advocating prejudice or discrimination against any race, color, national origin, religion, disability or handicap, gender, or sexual orientation.

Free personals online dating chat mil

Drugs as characterized by U. Sites that promote interpersonal relationships, excluding those of exclusively gay or lesbian appeal. Includes substances used for other than their primary purpose to alter the individual's state of mind, such as glue sniffing.

Unsupervised Chat Rooms. Religion Society and Lifestyle Sites that provide information on matters of daily life, excluding sex 3entertainment 7jobs 15sports 24and those topics covered in subsections below.

Free personals online dating chat mil

Sites of organizations that provide hosting services, or top-level domain s of Web communities. Education 6. A cult is defined as [a] closed society, often headed by perssonals single individual, where loyalty is demanded, leaving may be punishable, and in some instances, harm to self or others is advocated. Unsupervised Sexual Chat Rooms or Newsgroups.

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The category also includes video and online games, game reviews, and any URLs that promote game makers such as Mattel"; General News: "most online news and mainstream trade publications, such as perzonals, trade, and medical ppersonals, as well as high school and university newspapers"; Hate Speech: "any sort of propaganda that would encourage the oppression of a specific group of individuals. Vehicles in this category do not carry weapons"; Violence: "[a]ny free personals online dating chat mil promoting or containing information on violent acts, murder, rape, violent criminal activity, free personals online dating chat mil, gross depictions caused by acts of man, excess profanity"; Weapons: "[a]ny site promoting or containing information on guns, knives, missiles, bombs, or other weapons"; and Web Chat: "[c]hat sites via datingg protocol, chat rooms non-IRCforums and discussion groups.

The usual content for these is along the lines of useless things"; Non-Essential: category reserved for user-selected sites to be blocked on an individual basis. However, anonymizers also allow users access to ANY Web and bypass blocking software.

Default category set is "monitor-only" unless purchased. Sexual merchandise and fetish sites also fall under this category"; Profanity; School Cheating Info: "[s]ites that promote plagiarism or cheating among students by providing term papers, written essays, or exam answers"; Search Terms: "This category restricts access to search s based upon key words that are known to return offensive.

This category also includes URLs showing women or men dressed in provocative or sexually seductive clothing partially nude or bikini-clad women and men "; MP3 Sites: "URLs that are for downloading, ing, or trading of MP3 files"; Nudity: "URLs that include non-pornographic images of the bare human body. Any picture or text that elevates fre group over another. Sites sponsored by schools and other educational facilities or by faculty or alumni groups, or that relate to educational events and activities.

Includes 'how to' information on weapons making, ammunition making or free personals online dating chat mil making or use of pyrotechnics materials.

Sites that offer forums or discussion groups. Violence Sites that provide information on or promote violent activity.

Vehicles Sites that provide information on or promote vehicles, including those that support online purchase of vehicles or parts. This includes such things as derogatory speech against women, minorities, and the disabled"; Humor: "sites that intend to be comical or funny. The sites fhat include such things free personals online dating chat mil straight men's groups, gay and lesbian discussions, senior citizen clubs, transgender issues, vegetarianism, fee, and more"; Online Sales and Merchandising: sites offering "the sale of any form of merchandise or service that will benefit the individual only, such as the sale of clothing, accessories, appliances, pets, etc.

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This category includes only sites that contain non-pornographic nudity that is, nudity that is not sexually arousing or erotic "; Personal Information: "[s]ites that gather unnecessary personal information, such as name, address, credit cardschool, or personal schedules, that may be used for malicious intent"; Personals: "[s]ites that contain personal advertisements, including information about mail-order brides, dating services, escort services, or pen pals"; Pornography: "[s]ites that contain material that is sexually arousing or erotic.

It includes market promotions and catalogue selling for instance L.

These URLs are typically extremely violent, gory, or horrific in nature and may be related to sex, bodily functions, obscenity, or perverse activities"; Gambling: "URLs that encourage betting money or items on the outcome of games and contests.

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